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What is SplitTrip?

Verified UK travellers sharing road trips. 

Save up to 75% of fuel cost by sharing multi-day road trips with trusted users.

Only in UK, If you can not find the app try changing your country on App Store.

Splittrip is a road trip car sharing app in UK for verified users. Splittrip gives a marketplace where verified Drivers with vehicles, offer extra seats to verified Riders. All participants share the total trip cost equally, including the accommodation and fuel.


Riders can also search, compare and book public trips from their own or other areas throughout the country.

🌱 Sustainability Sharing vehicle makes touring sustainable per mile.


🚙 Drivers make money by filling up the extra seats. Calculating, arranging, managing, and securely transferring payments through the app. 

🧳 Riders can compare road trips, split costs, make secure payments, and share GPS locations.

How is Splittrip different from other rideshare apps?

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Splittrip carpool app puts great efforts into the security & safety of travellers and offers complete single or multi-city road trips including accommodation with equal cost-sharing.

takes several checks on Drivers and Riders, university student market gives both Riders and Drivers confidence to share the trips with fellow university peers. Making travelling sustainable, safe and convenient for everyone.

The app provides features such as route optimization, in-app communication tools, a rating system, and a payment system to ensure a safe and reliable experience for both drivers and passengers. With a carpool ride, users can save money on transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and connect with new people in their community.

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Company number: 13657926    —   UTR: 12916 21662    —    Meriden, Coventry, UK

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